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Mon Mar 20, 2023
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About Production Central.

Welcome to EasyLink Production Central, a convenient place for EasyLink customers to launch or track the delivery of production messaging applications over the EasyLink Network.

From this site you can launch and track a new job using EasyLink's new Multicast Messaging Service (which incorporates the Web to Fax service) to thousands of fax and email addresses, quickly and easily. For more information on EasyLink Multicast Messaging Service download our data sheet form.

Use of EasyLink Multicast Messaging Service requires registration with EasyLink Services. To register, contact your company's EasyLink Sales Reprensentative, call our sales department at 1 800 624 5266 or complete this Contact Us form.

Production Central is also the place for EasyLink Production Messaging customers to track the status of most EasyLink Production Messaging jobs through easy-to-use web-based tools. If you are an EasyLink Production Messaging Customer and require more information about using Production Central to track the status of your applications, please contact EasyLink Customer Service at 1 800 624 5266.

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